by Tatiana Zatolokina



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by Tatiana Zatolokina

Rf Couture by Tatiana Zatolokina -

Rf Couture by Tatiana Zatolokina is a new Russian brand that combines quality,royal style,latest fashion trends and of course the beauty and luxury ! Every dress is made of the most exclusive and highest quality materials in the most fashionable and modern patterns that are constantly improved and refined,thanks to the wishes of our clients and new ideas of designer Tatyana Zatolokina. We strive for excellence and want our dresses to emphasize your femininity, charisma,sensuality,beauty and make you special !!! We know that even the color of clothes affects a person's mood, that is why our dresses combine all the features which can add mystery,passion, femininity, energy and charm ! Young and prospective  designer Tatiana Zatolokina came in to the fashion world 10 years ago, working as a model in Milan, Paris,London,Tokyo and New York. And knowing how to design clothes-she has made her dream come true! The world is changing, as well as designers and stylists, fashion trends,but one thing remains eternal – the love of a man for beauty. And this was the basis of the activity of Tatyana Zatolokina .This is a brand that changes the perception, creates the mood,gives a feeling of freedom and lightness, treats and gives the desire to be  always on the first place!

About the brand


"Be feminine and beautiful!"

~ Tatiana Zatolokina